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The title says it all! Brandon and Tim recorded a live episode this past evening a feature we look forward to doing again in an effort to expand our l...View Details

Schedules are hectic this time of year, kickball, softball playoffs and right in the thick of the football season, but the boys were able to get toget...View Details

Brandon and Tim enjoy some amazing patio weather at Del Denby's our bar Sponsor for Wednesday Night Kickball.  We are joined by a cast of characters, ...View Details

The Dynamic Duo of Brandon and Tim with a spice of Marty Pic's as Marty was no doubt multi-tasking taking home his Thursday Night Volleyball Belt, br...View Details


We are back at Adolf's and are joined by the one and only Dave Taylor and Andy Kaczorowski join Tim, Marty and Brandon as we recap the 1st and 2nd we...View Details

Fall 2018 Football Playoff Preview. The boys breakdown the current state of the standings and what teams need to do to find themselves heading to the ...View Details

The guys hang out at New Era Field on the sidelines right in front of the action. They have a chance to talk about playing in the stadium and have sev...View Details

006 - Jeff’s Garage

Brandon and Jeff pass the time in Jeff's Garage while fighting the urge to play a game of beer pong. Instead, they record this podcast and preview the...View Details

The cold weather turns us inside and upstairs into the height of Tim's addict. We reminisce about the our glory days and early years with Game On!

The guys hang out in Tim's kitchen talk football and hear an incredible story from Jordan and his glory days of High School Sports. 

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